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Welcome to Birth & Beyond

This is the start of your journey to parenthood

  • the culmination of 9 months of waiting
  • the start of a new life
  • the birth of a family.

We believe the birth process is normal & healthy and a woman’s confidence & ability to give birth is enhanced through knowledge.

Our classes aim to empower and support women to make informed choices for their pregnancy and beyond whilst emphasising the need to remain flexible in their expectations of this miraculous event.

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Now open, up to 30% discount on your child’s first term, 70% discount all services for 2013/2014 academic year.

Your Child is now on their Unique learning Journey to becoming a imaginative, creative, intelligent and self confident human being
- Day care and Education for children 3 months to 3 years under the Birth Matters Sensory Development Programme
- British Foundation Stage Curriculum for Children 3 – 7 years
- Integrated Special Education for Children 3 months – 11 years

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